Exploring the joy in life.

GFM was created to discuss our most passionate hobbies, interests, and fandoms through games, laughter, analysis, and utter absurdity.

With the meaning of D2 and B2 constantly changing, two life long friends share some laughs, stories, analysis, and probably some insanity on this sports gambling and comedy podcast.

After the Laugh Traack

Derrick is joined by a variety of cohosts to reflect on what makes sitcoms so wonderful. They explore individual shows, as well as topics and rankings across all of sitcom history. We all know how special it is to find that show you can't help but binge on repeat. We want to talk about them.

Morons of the Multiverse

Two lifelong pals geek out over their shared passion for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, amongst other properties in nerd fandom. They explore the multiverse with games, rankings, laughter, and dare we say, whimsy.

The Autosave Podcast

Video game news podcast brought to you by Dilly and CrashFistFight- Two friends who like to talk gaming news. Talking about anything from video games and comic books, to movies and TV. Come get to know us.